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                                        "Dinosaurs Musical Day"

                                  A CD FOR FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN

 The CD is "Dinosaurs Musical Day" about the 12 song adventures of any child from the time he/she

           wakes up till the time he/she goes to sleep. From dinosaurs through teddy bears,

  piano-playing hamsters, a mean Chihuahua + learning about the instruments in an orchestra,

                             we finally go to sleep with a lullaby from mama.


     I was working as a volunteer music teacher in a public K through 6 school partly because of

                                    budget cuts to the music and art department.

  + because I wanted to be close to my own children who were attending that school at the time.

              In my opinion there were not a lot of great children's songs available to play.

              How many times can you hear the wheels on the bus go round and round? 😱

Inspired by my own daughter + son and their experiences, + the awesome kids in my class, I started

writing songs for children. I had previously been writing music for adults so this was a new journey for me.

I had so much fun writing these songs, but I have to apologize to my now grown children for using

their lives as inspiration. I am quite certain it was a great embarrassment for them.


So thank you  to all the mothers, fathers, teachers, family members+ caregivers who work so hard

for children everywhere. This CD is for the children and the inner child in you. We would like you

to know that a percentage of profits from sales of the CD + the coloring book created to go with it,

go to several children's charities, including Children's Hospital of Los Angeles + the

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. All donations are distributed through our music company,

                                                      "Mothers Heartlight Music" 

I am now adding the ASPCA+ K9 for Warriors as organizations for donations.

Because I love animals, + have had rescue dogs all my life. I truly appreciate the value of man's best friend. We currently have three living at home with us. On the video page you can see videos of our pup circus.

1 year-old rescue Bree has her own dog blog if you want to check it out


"She" writes the entries from her own unique point of view as a pup living with our family. There are

photos, story entries from the time she was adopted + great "tips of the tail" all in her special language with canine humor. She has not updated in a long time, because her human mother is technically challenged +  hasn't been able to help her upload new stories. We will have to fix that!

                                                         New tails coming soon!


Thank you for visiting our website + please let me know which songs you enjoy 

 from either "One Light" or "Dinosaurs Musical Day" CDs.

I would love to hear from you + am open to all feedback and suggestions.

Follow me on any of the online venues where the songs are available:

Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud,  YouTube + more. You are welcome to contact me

if you have any questions or concerns. If you have a favorite charity for donations, let us know!

We would be so happy to include your charity for donations.

                                                 ❤️ Jeanine Michaels 🎵 MusicMom Singer Songwriter


If you are looking for music for your family with children, see below to order Dinosaurs Musical Day.  

All songs are teacher approved + appropriate in content for children.

This CD received an endorsement from the head of the California Public School Music Department.


For lyrics to songs online

And for download or purchase

Search: Jeanine Michaels and the Mothers HeartLight Band

 To order CDs or the coloring book for Dinosaurs Musical Day please contact           Mothers Heartlight Music

CD DINO 🦕 🎵🌞DAY $11.99

ONE LIGHT: $11.99

Please ask about our donations
from percentage of all CD sales 




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We would love to see music classes available to students in every school. Ideally, it would be perfect if music were available to children all over the world.

We believe that every child has a unique song inside themselves to sing. Someday, we envision a world where all people are free to express themselves through music and other creative avenues without fear.

We work to achieve the "aloha" spirit in daily life. Aloha means to consciously manifest life, joyously in the present. It is a philosophy, a feeling, and expression of emotion. To live with aloha is to live with love, respect, and empathy. We dream of seeing a world where all peoples show kindness, mercy, charity and affection to each other. We at Mothers Heartlight ❤️ Music are committed to realizing this vision one song at a time.

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